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Who we help

Children and their families within our community who face hardship and challenges.

How we help

This is a community level organization which uses programs to educate and empower children facing adversity offering an opportunity to participate in soccer in their local communities. We help children build essential life skills and improve their chance for a better future, all through sports.  In addition, the Nicky MacKain Foundation also provides guidance on  resources to families dealing with bullying or opioids, sports medicine through partnerships with local doctors, effective sports nutrition, etc..

What you can do

Be an advocate for our children.  Provide them with an outlet to participate in sports programs in which they may not have had before.  Help us provide guidance and education to kids and their families who live here, in our backyard.  Your donation, volunteered time, or even launching your own official fundraiser to support The Nicky MacKain Foundation will be forever appreciated.  Your support at any level will be an asset to the Foundation and the kids in our community.

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Who was Nicky MacKain?

The Nicky MacKain Foundation was established in 2014 after the son of Mark and Gina MacKain passed away at the tender age of 23. It was established with the intent to carry out Nicky’s passion for giving all kids in his community the opportunity to enjoy the sport he so fondly loved – Soccer.  Nicky’s love for soccer was established at an early age following in his fathers’ footsteps (Mark MacKain) who played for the Atlanta Chiefs.  Nick wanted to help provide all kids the great opportunity to play this beautiful game...

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