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Nicky MacKain

The Nicky MacKain Foundation was established in 2014 after the son of Mark and Gina MacKain passed away at the tender age of 23. It was established with the intent to carry out Nicky’s passion for allowing access for all kids in his community enjoy the sport he so fondly loved – Soccer.  Nicky’s love for soccer was established at an early age following in his fathers’ footsteps (Mark MacKain) who played for the Atlanta Chiefs.  Nicky wanted to be able to provide all kids the great opportunity he had to enjoyed as his soccer career grew playing in Atlanta in his younger days, through his experiences being part of the Soccer Junior Olympic team and playing at Furman University.   His passion was so strong that he wanted to ensure that he found a way to provide kids similar opportunities in the community where he lived and help families who faced financial constraints.

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